Novation ReMOTE SL 25 MIDI Controller Keyboard’s Best Features

There are certainly a lot of MIDI keyboard controllers in the market. Buying a new one can be a tough job since you would have to go through the research and scouting process. Good thing there are a lot of MIDI keyboard resources online. Let me introduce you to Novation ReMOTE SL25 MIDI keyboard controller, This type of MIDI keyboard controller delivers a whole new level of convenience to its users since it has two large brightly backlit displays that could be found Controladores MIDI at the top of the front panel. The LCD screen can display both the 16 parameter names and the values. Thus, you won’t have to rely on your memory nor use template overlays. It’s a thing of the past when you have the Novation ReMOTE SL 25. You can also browse the menu quickly without having the need to look at any other part of the device. In this case, you can quickly access and modify the settings. It also has 56 assignable knobs, encoders, sliders, and buttons. It has sensitive touchpad that is best when you want to play drums or chord stabs.

One notable feature of this MIDI keyboard controller is its revolutionary Automap function. How does this work? Well, an Automap-supported application is booted up, the ReMOTE SL 25 instantly loads this intelligent template and maps all active components within the session. Then all you got to do is to push just one button to switch and manage different instruments. Every step of this process can be seen in the clear LCD display for proper monitoring.

When you buy this MIDI Keyboard controller, you will also get the stylish Template Editor software without any additional charge. Many critics actually say that this controller has certainly brought about a whole new different way of music creation. If you are planning to replace your old MIDI controller, you might as well check out this unit. Given its features and the fact that it’s very affordable, definitely it must be a good buy. Many reviews would further attest that this MIDI keyboard controller has by far the “best-feeling” keys among its competitors in the market. Thus, if you are very particular about this aspect, you got to check it out. Also, I suggest that you read up other customer reviews for more details on its features and usability in case you need more info directly from people who have firsthand experience on the unit. So if you are serious about making great music, do not just settle for cheaper, mediocre units that you might end up regretting buying. Go for the most trusted yet affordable device that will satisfy your discriminating standards for high quality music.

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