Floor Chairs

Gone are the days when the only chair that we use and we know are those typical legged chairs. Floor chairs can give you the comfort of a leg-less recliner and the lightweight design is very convenient. However, no matter how fantastic these chairs are, just like ordinary chairs we are still facing one problem which is choosing the perfect one for us.

This floor chair is evenly cushioned and is equipped with firm foam on the backrest and the seat. There are no hard bars that could make you uncomfortable while you are sitting or lying down. The disadvantage of hard bars is it can dig into your back or bottom while you are using the chair and it’s a good thing that this chair has none of those Floor Chair.

Its sleek design makes it possible for you to fold it. It is also portable and could be carried anywhere using the built-in handle, and the product only weighs 6.6 lbs.

However, this chair does not offer any other support, so it is recommended that you prepare extra cushions when you use this chair.

You can also quickly adjust this chair to 14 different sitting positions. Once you have tried all of the positions, you can then pick your favorite. You can use this chair when you take a nap or when you want to relax and read a book.

It can be a nice seating addition to your patio or living room. This floor chair is also very easy to store, you have to lay it down and slid it into your storage cabinet after using it.

The size of this chair would be perfect for your kids who love playing games or using their gadgets while sitting or lying down on the floor.