Everything you need to know about your vehicle oil

When we think about the maintenance of the vehicle, there are several elements that we consider. One of them is the changes of liquids , and especially the oil, since it is a key lubricant for the optimal operation of our car, and, especially, the engine. Trims.pk is a great source to get all types of car oil online.

But why is this liquid so important? The function of the oil is crucial to lubricate the moving parts of the engine so that the friction does not damage them , and also ensures that the components of the vehicle have the proper temperature . Another function is to keep the engine clean , since, by passing through the filter, the oil is responsible for retaining those elements that can dirty and damage the engine.

When should I change the oil?

This is the key question. Changing it when it touches is the most important thing for the car to function normally.

Everything will depend on the habits of each one. Experts recommend checking the oil level every 3,000 km , so we will be responsible for controlling mileage.

How many kilometers can I travel with an oil refill?

If you just changed the oil and do not know very well how long it will last, we give you some clues. There is no set limit, but this will depend on each vehicle and its use .

In short, we can separate the oils into three categories. There are synthetic oils, semi-synthetic oils and minerals. The first lasts about 15,000 kilometers, the second about 10,000 and the mineral only about 5,000. If your car has run enough miles, buy engine oil online.

How do I know what oil my car carries?

It is best to contact a professional to make the oil change, so you are not mistaken. Remember that mixing two types of oil can be fatal for your car , so never deposit an oil in your vehicle without being sure of what you are doing.

In case you want to take more control of future spare parts, we tell you what you should know. In the manual of your vehicle you can consult the SAE and API values , which are the ones that specify which oil is suitable for your engine.

What instructions should I give the mechanic?

Many drivers take advantage of their visit to the workshop to also change other liquids and do a general overhaul, but it may be that, for some reason, you only need to change the oil. If this is the reason for your visit, it is recommended that you also ask for the filter change .

Can I trust the mileage when making the oil change?

In principle the answer is yes. But beware. Although your oil is synthetic and you can travel 15,000 kilometers with it, this does not mean you can keep the same oil for a handful of years. To ensure the proper functioning of the engine, remember to change the oil, at least once every twelve months .

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