Emergency Preparedness and Contact Management Software: Responding to Critical Situations With Ease

Government agencies are tasked with information dissemination, rescue and retrieval, and assistance and relief coordination in times of disasters and emergencies. It is therefore important for these organizations to have sufficient resources and Donations & Grants Management manpower as soon as a crisis occurs. By utilizing emergency preparedness software (EPS) and contact management platforms, first responders, volunteers, and coordinators are now more capable of providing their services whenever and wherever necessary without wasting too much time organizing and planning each detail. With storms, floods, and tornados affecting a large percentage of the US population, having such software solutions makes sense especially when there are lives and properties at stake.

What are Contact Management and Emergency Preparedness Software Solutions?

One of the most essential components of successful disaster response and management is communication. Contact management and emergency preparedness software solutions address the need for continuous and reliable communication between rescue and retrieval parties, first responders, and law enforcement officials by providing updated contact information to every agency and government employee concerned. These solutions also enhance inter-agency cooperation because each member has the necessary means to contact another in order to eliminate communication delays and confusion.

How Does Contact Management Contribute to Emergency Preparedness?

Government agencies have thousands of employee and volunteer profiles on their contact databases and these can be a challenge to maintain because of the amount of information that needs to be processed and kept updated at all times. Outdated contact numbers, e-mails, and in case of emergency contacts can be an administrative nightmare during disasters, hampering the deployment of needed resources and personnel in critical situations. By using automated contact management software however, these hurdles can easily be surpassed and the right people can be reached at the right time. This in turn ensures timely assistance to victims.

In cases of disasters and emergencies, contact management software also helps government agencies disseminate information to everyone on their rosters. Most contact database management solutions these days use e-mail and smartphone technology (such as push notifications and PIN-to-PIN messaging) to deliver the necessary updates, so even if an area is severely affected and network coverage is unavailable, first responders and government officials will still be able to communicate and respond to a certain situation.

The use of emergency preparedness and contact management software has now become common among government agencies including the US Army Corp of Engineers, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). By having updated contact databases at all times, these agencies are capable of deploying personnel and resources at the first sign of disaster and thereby provide assistance to those who have been severely affected.

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